10 December 2010

Week 1 ( 1 - 5 Nov 2010)

1st November 2010 was my first day my industrial training at Utusan Publication & Distributions Sdn Bhd. I’ve place at Unit Promosi, Komunikasi dan Pematuhan and my supervisor is Puan Wan Tijah Binti Wan Mahmud. I’ve been introduced to a a few of staff at the unit. Over all, at this unit they have three staff and including me it becomes four. The first day, nothing much I do. It’s more to the observation how they work and what the purpose of the unit function. The function of this departments is mostly is marketing field including IT based which is a part of business activity. This department also will be arranging all promotion, launching of new UP&D books and seminar.

For the overall week, I’ve been given tasks to study the company profile and the company product. They told me about the events are being held past, present and future. I’m excited that I’ve place at the biggest publication company in Malaysia. I have reviewed many types of books such as education, novel, general knowledge and many more. The purpose of review is to get me know close about the company product.

Because of my major is IT based, I’ve been given task to study about which is the online bookstore website. The website has been launch on 1st October 2010 by Executive Director Kumpulan Utusan. The purpose of this website is to expand their marketing method instead of using the traditional method thru salesman and brochure. The other task is to overview the company main website. Unfortunately, the website cannot be access. I have appoint to register in to get well know how the process function. For these tasks, the knowledge of ebooks and e-commerce that I learn are used.

On 4th November was Dr. Ahmad Hairi Abu Bakar, Executive Director of UP&D. They have arranged a party for him. Our unit is involved to prepare the party. By then I also involve in helping them. There is a simple party but merry.

I have learned much about people and the organization.

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