15 December 2010

Week 6 ( 6 - 10 Dec)


Silent Monday and Tuesday

For this two days, I am alone at office because everyone involve in event. So, all the call in will be pick up by me. As usual I have to jot down everything according message will be given to whom. I study a little bit the list of extension number for internal call. I am used my communication skill as good as well.

Busy Wednesday

Wednesday was my busy day. Why? Because I have to make formal tele-conversation with exhibitors company. This is inconjunction of Jualan Gudang. I have to add a few in the list and prepare the invitation letter for them.


Then, I am downloading permit form on DBKL website. The purpose is to apply back the Jualan Gudang permit when our big boss want to post phone the events to another date. So, as I have done before, I have to prepare a few of document as needed for the application. Printing and photostate document.


After lunch, me with Laila went to DBP to endorse the visual of bunting and banner. The purpose is to approve that the visual did not have wrong spelling. Just bunting visual was approved and banner need to correct the spelling.


Then, we go to DBKL, to settle down the bunting and entertainment permit. Everything goes well.

Continue on Thursday

Submit banner visual to production department to did the correction. Then print out.

Went to DBP again for the endorsement.

Went to MPAJ for application of bunting and banner permit at their territory

Emailing a few exhibitors invitation letter.

Today is Friday

I have an interesting experience along this week.
Just now i have been meet En. Mahadhir, Editor at editorial department. He call me to see him at his room. OK. This is my first time meet him face to face. I bring my pen and note book to jot down anything.

The purpose me to meet him is about the report i have written.I have submit my report to my leader Sis Nurul last week for her to check. Then, she submit it to Mr.Mahadhir. Mr.Mahadhir said that i did a few of mistake and need to make correction. He has mark with read pen on the correction. He also give me long explanation about Bahasa Melayu grammar. I learn a lot from him. As requested, he ask me to submit the report after make the correction. I will.

Love and will to learn.
Thats all for this week.

Week 5 (29 Nov - 3 Dec)


Hye all..this week i did the different task which need me to thinking and come out with my own idea. I don't think i will to elaborate in thousand..hehe

This week task:

A basket of customer details
I mean it! Many customer details were noted on each piece of paper. Yes! Typing time...
I have key in all the details in Microsoft Excel as told by Laila, my officemate. The details consist of name, address, age, occupation, email and phone number. In two days, i have done 98 datas.

Report writing
1. Sis Nurul, my leader give a few of material which consist of news of UP&D event on year 2010

(material: newspaper, TINTA magazine, write up and books are related)

2. I need to write a short report for each event regarding the material she given. As listed, it is 15 event but it was not complete. At the moment i am just did what i have. All the report must be in proper Bahasa Melayu.

3. Collect photos for each events and select the best to uploaded in website. I have get the photos to many staff at different department which is production, unit komunikai and unit pameran.

4. Editing and resize all the photos which want to uploaded. Laila told me that the photo resolution for website is 360width. I am using photoscape software for this task.

Receptionist wanna be

On Thursday, i am lonely at my department. Sis Nurul, Sis Oja and Laila went to attend an exhibition at three different place. So, my duty that day is to answer all the call in. When a few of the call need an assisstant, i have to jot down on the memo to whom the message will be given, phone number of the caller, date and time. The callers mostly is customer of mybooks book store who call according the problem with their payment. Some of the customer have made payment twice so. I have to deal with marketing department and Perfisio Solution to let them know.

Overall this week is the week for me focusing on the report because not all the report will be complete by one or two days. Instead of incomplete data for the all events. Also to key in a basket of data, impossible to finish it in a day. I did all the task above along the week.

*Did my work till not realize lunch time. Haha.

That's all. TQ. =)

13 December 2010

Week 4 (22 - 26 Nov 2010)

Google Week!!

Salam everyone....!


The next stage in assist Jualan Gudang, i have to list out as many of libraries in Malaysia.
So, it is impossible to open up the yellow pages instead of using the technology. The purpose of this task is to let them know about the Jualan Gudang by sending invitation.

It is almost 100 of libraries i have find out and need me to create database for the libraries. The complete data including name of the library, address, phone no., fax no. and email. The library including state library, district library, IPTA and IPTS library.

After that, i need to create an invitation letter to send to all the libraries. There are a few of procedure to make the right letter. Begin with drafting and then submit to my boss for checking and approval. There are not easy to approve because of amendment and i need to did correction twice. When's everything correct i have print out on official head letter and again submit to my boss to sign it.


For exhibitors listing, most of the procedure was same but i need to make tele-conversation with each company to get the name of person in charge to attach on the invitation letter. The purpose of the name is to get feedback from the company via the person as the name stated.

All the letter was sending via fax except a few via email as their request.


This week i have play with many words and numbers because i have to merge, compile and classify all the database created during seminar and book launching in year 2010. This task make me more focus. It is many of data.

Thats all. See ya!!

12 December 2010

Week 3 (15 -19 Nov 2010)


This is week three. For this week, this is my new experience where i have to asisst for Jualan Gudang. There are lot of thing i did.

Before i go through with the report, there are a few of term i should state because i will use the term in my report. It is:

Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi dan Kepenggunaan (KPDNKK)
Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur ( DBKL)
Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP)
Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya ( MPAJ)
For the readers convenient, i will jot down in a list:

1) Get the permit form from MPAJ and DBKL
2) Preparing the documentation as required in the form
-photostate a bunch of document
-create an official letter for premise agreement
3) Went to KPDNKK for jualan murah permit
4) Went to DBKL for the premis permission and bunting permit
5) Went to DBP to endorse the bunting and banner visual
- the purpose of this task is to get advise according spelling in Bahasa Melayu
6) Went to MPAJ for bunting and banner permit

* All the process of application will take a few day but the duration will becomes longer because
of the uncomplete document at DBKL and correction on the banner/bunting visual at DBP.
Look like easy but actually to do jualan murah and Year End Sales (YES) was through
complicated procedure

This is a tired week but great because i have gain a lot of knowledge.

psst: Be alert and double check if any application need a few of document. Believe me, you will miss one of it!

Till then..daaaa~

Week 2 ( 8 - 12 Nov 2010)


This week, my task is analyzing, reviewing and enhancing Utusan Publications & Distributors Sdn. Bhd. (UP&D). I have analyze and review the overall of website contents and features. I find that there are many pagewere not updated and some of information were not completed.

According to my knowledge and idea, i have draft new layout for the website and add some feature to make the website full of information. I have add the contact information features such as address, location map, contact no. and fax no. . For the news page i have draft out the features will be look.

I am also need to choose the best photo to upload in the website because it is to many for each events. In addition, a few of the photos are blur, dark and not in nice angel. For your information, they have more than ten events during year 2010.

Overall, for this week i have focusing on drafting the website layout.

Thats all for this be continue~

10 December 2010

Week 1 ( 1 - 5 Nov 2010)

1st November 2010 was my first day my industrial training at Utusan Publication & Distributions Sdn Bhd. I’ve place at Unit Promosi, Komunikasi dan Pematuhan and my supervisor is Puan Wan Tijah Binti Wan Mahmud. I’ve been introduced to a a few of staff at the unit. Over all, at this unit they have three staff and including me it becomes four. The first day, nothing much I do. It’s more to the observation how they work and what the purpose of the unit function. The function of this departments is mostly is marketing field including IT based which is a part of business activity. This department also will be arranging all promotion, launching of new UP&D books and seminar.

For the overall week, I’ve been given tasks to study the company profile and the company product. They told me about the events are being held past, present and future. I’m excited that I’ve place at the biggest publication company in Malaysia. I have reviewed many types of books such as education, novel, general knowledge and many more. The purpose of review is to get me know close about the company product.

Because of my major is IT based, I’ve been given task to study about which is the online bookstore website. The website has been launch on 1st October 2010 by Executive Director Kumpulan Utusan. The purpose of this website is to expand their marketing method instead of using the traditional method thru salesman and brochure. The other task is to overview the company main website. Unfortunately, the website cannot be access. I have appoint to register in to get well know how the process function. For these tasks, the knowledge of ebooks and e-commerce that I learn are used.

On 4th November was Dr. Ahmad Hairi Abu Bakar, Executive Director of UP&D. They have arranged a party for him. Our unit is involved to prepare the party. By then I also involve in helping them. There is a simple party but merry.

I have learned much about people and the organization.

05 December 2010

UP&D is....


Utusan Publications & Distributors (UP & D) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Utusan Malaysia (M) Berhad was incorporated on March 29, 1976. The Company is the oldest indigenous publishing company in Malaysia, more than 30 years. This company's business activity is the publication and distribution.

UP & D publishes various types of books from preschool to university level and also the general issue. UP&D also publishes about 130 titles each year.

I have been in place at Unit Komunikasi, Jabatan Pematuhan, Komunikasi & Pentadbiran, UP & D. My supervisor is Mrs. Wan Tijah Wan Mahmud, manager of this department.

New experience and knowledge are begin here...

01 December 2010

A New Start


Today i'm back for blogging. Its not totally a new start, actually i forgot my current blog password. I'm not kidding guys, i'm really forgot it. damn! Nevermind, since i've another blog so i decide to use this blog rather than create a new one. hahaha.

Welcome back!

For the further entries, this blog will little bit formal and written in English. This is because the purpose of my internship program that i have to take as the requirement to complete my studies. All my report will be written here.

I'll be back later!