15 December 2010

Week 6 ( 6 - 10 Dec)


Silent Monday and Tuesday

For this two days, I am alone at office because everyone involve in event. So, all the call in will be pick up by me. As usual I have to jot down everything according message will be given to whom. I study a little bit the list of extension number for internal call. I am used my communication skill as good as well.

Busy Wednesday

Wednesday was my busy day. Why? Because I have to make formal tele-conversation with exhibitors company. This is inconjunction of Jualan Gudang. I have to add a few in the list and prepare the invitation letter for them.


Then, I am downloading permit form on DBKL website. The purpose is to apply back the Jualan Gudang permit when our big boss want to post phone the events to another date. So, as I have done before, I have to prepare a few of document as needed for the application. Printing and photostate document.


After lunch, me with Laila went to DBP to endorse the visual of bunting and banner. The purpose is to approve that the visual did not have wrong spelling. Just bunting visual was approved and banner need to correct the spelling.


Then, we go to DBKL, to settle down the bunting and entertainment permit. Everything goes well.

Continue on Thursday

Submit banner visual to production department to did the correction. Then print out.

Went to DBP again for the endorsement.

Went to MPAJ for application of bunting and banner permit at their territory

Emailing a few exhibitors invitation letter.

Today is Friday

I have an interesting experience along this week.
Just now i have been meet En. Mahadhir, Editor at editorial department. He call me to see him at his room. OK. This is my first time meet him face to face. I bring my pen and note book to jot down anything.

The purpose me to meet him is about the report i have written.I have submit my report to my leader Sis Nurul last week for her to check. Then, she submit it to Mr.Mahadhir. Mr.Mahadhir said that i did a few of mistake and need to make correction. He has mark with read pen on the correction. He also give me long explanation about Bahasa Melayu grammar. I learn a lot from him. As requested, he ask me to submit the report after make the correction. I will.

Love and will to learn.
Thats all for this week.

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