15 December 2010

Week 5 (29 Nov - 3 Dec)


Hye all..this week i did the different task which need me to thinking and come out with my own idea. I don't think i will to elaborate in thousand..hehe

This week task:

A basket of customer details
I mean it! Many customer details were noted on each piece of paper. Yes! Typing time...
I have key in all the details in Microsoft Excel as told by Laila, my officemate. The details consist of name, address, age, occupation, email and phone number. In two days, i have done 98 datas.

Report writing
1. Sis Nurul, my leader give a few of material which consist of news of UP&D event on year 2010

(material: newspaper, TINTA magazine, write up and books are related)

2. I need to write a short report for each event regarding the material she given. As listed, it is 15 event but it was not complete. At the moment i am just did what i have. All the report must be in proper Bahasa Melayu.

3. Collect photos for each events and select the best to uploaded in website. I have get the photos to many staff at different department which is production, unit komunikai and unit pameran.

4. Editing and resize all the photos which want to uploaded. Laila told me that the photo resolution for website is 360width. I am using photoscape software for this task.

Receptionist wanna be

On Thursday, i am lonely at my department. Sis Nurul, Sis Oja and Laila went to attend an exhibition at three different place. So, my duty that day is to answer all the call in. When a few of the call need an assisstant, i have to jot down on the memo to whom the message will be given, phone number of the caller, date and time. The callers mostly is customer of mybooks book store who call according the problem with their payment. Some of the customer have made payment twice so. I have to deal with marketing department and Perfisio Solution to let them know.

Overall this week is the week for me focusing on the report because not all the report will be complete by one or two days. Instead of incomplete data for the all events. Also to key in a basket of data, impossible to finish it in a day. I did all the task above along the week.

*Did my work till not realize lunch time. Haha.

That's all. TQ. =)

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