13 December 2010

Week 4 (22 - 26 Nov 2010)

Google Week!!

Salam everyone....!


The next stage in assist Jualan Gudang, i have to list out as many of libraries in Malaysia.
So, it is impossible to open up the yellow pages instead of using the technology. The purpose of this task is to let them know about the Jualan Gudang by sending invitation.

It is almost 100 of libraries i have find out and need me to create database for the libraries. The complete data including name of the library, address, phone no., fax no. and email. The library including state library, district library, IPTA and IPTS library.

After that, i need to create an invitation letter to send to all the libraries. There are a few of procedure to make the right letter. Begin with drafting and then submit to my boss for checking and approval. There are not easy to approve because of amendment and i need to did correction twice. When's everything correct i have print out on official head letter and again submit to my boss to sign it.


For exhibitors listing, most of the procedure was same but i need to make tele-conversation with each company to get the name of person in charge to attach on the invitation letter. The purpose of the name is to get feedback from the company via the person as the name stated.

All the letter was sending via fax except a few via email as their request.


This week i have play with many words and numbers because i have to merge, compile and classify all the database created during seminar and book launching in year 2010. This task make me more focus. It is many of data.

Thats all. See ya!!

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